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Last weekend I was with a dear friend, Rose, at Pinkpop. A Dutch festival in the south of The Netherlands. I’ve been there in 2013 for a day and went back in 2014 for a whole weekend. Now I thought it was time to go back there again and make some new great memories.



That was a very good choice, because it was astonishing!

In this article you can read about my adventures there and ofcourse who I’ve seen.


Day 1


On the first day of the festival there were people planned that most people were coming there for; Justin Bieber and Martin Garrix.

I wasn’t going there for JB, but Rose really wanted to go to him, but you read that in a sec.

Let’s first start at the beginning.

At 4 o’clock in the morning my alarm clock went off. I packed my stuff, got into the car, picked up Rose at her house and off we went!

Driving there wasn’t the problem, it was about 2 ½ hours ride, but we had so much fun in the car that the time flew by. The real problem began when we got there. So they have three campings to set up your tent, camping A, B and C.

A and B where more for the younger people that enjoys an after party and doesn’t mind the music that people can play early in the morning. C is for the people that do like some silence after a long day of music.
We wanted to be on camping B, but parked the car accidentally in front of camping C. The campings are a 15 minutes walk after each other, so nothing to worry, except when you are carrying about 10 kg. of weight on you shoulders an in your hands and you need to walk up a hill! This had us stop at every 10 metres because one of us needed a break, but we made it eventually! We put the tent down and I napped for 1 ½ hour after that because I really was tired.

Although the worst thing isn’t the walking to the camping really, I mean it’s hard, but it makes it harder having that voice in your head and the stress of getting a good spot at the camping. I don’t know if you have ever been at a festival camping, but the tents are really, really near each other!


3 o’clock in the afternoon, Pinkpop started! We were going to see some good dutch bands like Chef’special and Kensington, but also Justin Bieber and Martin Garrix. As I said earlier, I’m not a fan of Justin, I do like his last album though, but I went there because Rose wanted to and I stayed with her during the concert.


Day 2


This day I saw a band that I was waiting to get the chance for since I was about 14 years old. I saw Green Day, but from very up close! There were only two people between me and the fence, that’s how close I was.
It wasn’t easy though, we waited for them for 4 hours at the main stage. Before them Broederliefde (A dutch rap band) and Imagine Dragons were performing but we had still two hours to fill in. I entertained myself with my mobile and talking to strangers, it wasn’t that hard. I did get two times an elbow against my head and sore feet from standing, but in the end it was all worth it!


Day 3


The last day of the great grand weekend. We decided we wanted to make the day a bit more relaxing than the ones before. We wanted to see more of the actual area, since there weren’t bands we wanted to see from up close, this was possible.


We saw some great spots on the festival, ate delicious things and I bought a very cute top and bottom from a little store that was there.

Also there was a large building set up so when you were standing above it, you can see the whole Pinkpop area, and that was so cool to see!


This day we did see: Rag’n’bone Man, Sum 41 (also a band I was crazy about 7 years ago), Mø and Kings Of Leon.


That were the three days of Pinkpop, three days that I will never forget.

And I know already that this wasn’t my last time going to Pinkpop!


Who would you really like to see live sometime?


Much of love, Joy

What’s in my pencil case

What’s in my pencil case


After a few posts about notebooks I also want to talk about something that I take with me everywhere I go, my pencil case. My favorite pens and markers are in this super classy pencil case and I love it to show you what’s in there!


My pencil case

From the moment I made this at Creative Life I fell in love with this one! My leather pencil case from Rozijntjes is made with lots of love and I take it with me every day in my already heavy bag, wherever I go to.


This pencil case is not to big, feels and looks very classy and it also makes me not take too much stuff with me on the go. (If I could I would take my whole desk and all my stuff with me every day!)


So, what do I exactly keep in here?

whats in my pencil case

Pentel Energel

My all time favorite pen that writes like it’s made by gods and has already set it’s ink in some of my journals. I discovered this pen about a year ago and I’m sure not to use any other anymore (except my fountain pen sometimes). The ink in the pen goes fast, but that doesn’t really bother to me!

whats in my pencil case

Crayola Supertips

I’m not into all the colours that come in the 12-pack Crayola Supertips, but there are two colours that are always in my pencil case. A salmon-colour and a pink one. Kind of funny, some years ago I really wasn’t into pink, but I do begin to like it more by time!

I use the Crayola Supertips for making headers and little sometimes  drawings in my journals.

whats in my pencil case

Zebra Mildliners

I’ve got a 5-pack with the cool colours. I take them all with me except for the green one. They are amazing to work with and the colours are ofcourse amazing 🙂

I live in The Netherlands and ordering them here is not a piece of cake, but it is definitely worth the wait and money!

whats in my pencil case

Mechanical pencil

Just your regular mechanical pencil, you probably have one too and know how it works haha!

whats in my pencil case


I’m really not great at making straight lines, and a protractor fits perfectly in my pencil case. I use it a lot for making spreads in my bullet journal. Or making straight lines when I want to cut something out!

What do I use my pencil case for?

So I take him with me everywhere I go. And being super fair, I really don’t use him a lot on the go. Sometimes I need my pen when I need to write something down, but I really just like taking him with me! At home it’s used a lot, It’s always lying in reach when I’m bullet journaling or writing in my journal 🙂

whats in my pencil case

What do you have in your pencil case?


Much love, Joy

Handlettering ~ Trying something new

Handlettering ~ Trying something new

I have said it before, but I was actually not really a person that likes quotes. Not that it was cliché, but just because I never found quotes that really were true for me or fitted me.

Some time ago I started seeing so much video’s and pictures on Instagram with beautiful handlettering and calligraphy. In the bookshops it’s not different, everyone has at least one table standing there with only handlettering books and all kinds of pens and markers. A little bit of heaven for me!

So with the time, the idea of doing calligraphy and handlettering went from “I can never do that” to “I want to be able to do that!”

The first thing I bought was the Ecoline Brush Pen from Talens. You may have seen it somewhere, they are stunning! With this brush pen I started practicing handlettering. I watched video’s on Instagram and tried to recreated the letters they made. I really am no expert in this, but the more you practice, the better you get, right?

In my journals you can also find now quotes here and there or I wrote the title of the day in brush lettering.


I would love to show you what other things I had bought to practice handlettering!


Crayola Supertips

I saw a lot of pictures and video’s coming by where they used the Crayola supertips. Also I read that these are great for when you’re starting with handlettering. They are cheap and easy to use with their bullet like tip.

So I ordered a 12-pack on a dutch store online for €7. I’ve been using them a lot over the last couple of weeks and really did learn a lot with these!


Sakura Pigma pennen

When I walked into a bookstore lately I found two pens from the japanese brand Sakura. These pens come in three sized, I bought two, because the shop didn’t sold the middle sized one. I have the biggest one, BB, and the finest one, FB. The BB looks amazing, but really is not very easy to work with if you are just starting like me. I have practiced with it a lot, and now I can make it work, but it takes some effort!

The FB is very fine and if you ask me, easy to use. I have already make some very pretty creations with it!

You have so many different pens to use for handlettering and I only chose these because I ran upon them in a bookstore, you can choose any pen!


Letters! The workbook. Met Marjet

It was time to purchase something really fun to make practice handlettering even more fun! When I was in the bookstore to purchase the pens, I also bought a workbook for handlettering. (If you have read my last POST, you know I love workbooks)

Here there were so many beautiful books with different styles of calligraphy and handlettering! I wished I could have them all, but in the end I chose the workbook.

There was also a handbook that is made by the same woman that made this workbook, but I wanted to get started right away and not only read about it. That’s why I chose the workbook.

In the future I am going to purchase more books I think, but for now I’m going to work with this beautiful book.
In the workbook you get a small introduction about the book and then you can start practicing right away. You get some exercises for handlettering that write in the book to get you starting. But these are also great if you are about to make a something beautiful and you want to do a little warm-up!

Marjet tells about the different types of inkts and how you can use them with your dip pen, but I don’t really use a dip pen. Why? simple, I’m a lefty. I have tried it, but using a dip pen means making a letter and waiting five minutes until it’s dry. 

So if you are a lefty and you have tips for me, I’d love to hear them!

Instead I use the Sakura Pigma FB for this workbook. It does the job, it’s not as sleek as when you use a dip pen, but it still is very beautiful!


Have you ever done handlettering?


Much love, Joy

My first experience with glasses

My first experience with glasses

I always was the one with the good eyes. I could read very tiny words from a nail polish bottle and things far away also weren’t a problem for me. Honestly I thought I never had to get glasses, until I started driving and realized I’m actually not that great in reading signs afar. And that’s something important with driving, right?

Also back in January when I went on WINTER SPORTS, I drove for up till three hours without breaks and then I really felt it. My eyes begun to get tired and I got a headache after hours of focussing on the road. After we stopped, the only thing I wanted to do was to close my eyes. My body wasn’t even tired, only my eyes were!

And then you get these phases like “What? No I don’t need glasses, I see perfectly fine!” and “Overall I see everything good enough.” until you reach “Maybe I should have my eyes checked out.”

So now we’re here, while writing this it’s sitting on my nose, I have glasses!
And how did it went? Where did I go to and what how bad are my eyes?

experience glasses

Yes, you really need glasses

When I was sure about it that I do really need glasses, I took a look around, checked out some opticians and in the end I remembered I know someone that works at an optician. So I went there, first to have my eyes checked out, and after that to get some glasses made at them.
The way they checked my eyes was with a machine. It’s hard to explain how it worked, but it turned out my left eye has -0.75 and my right eye -1.00. Not a big shock, but it is something!
(I don’t know if they do it the same way as in NL, but it means that I don’t see very good afar. I can see things clearly till about 10 meter, after that details get blurry.)

After knowing what your eyes are at, there are two more steps to make. First is the fun part, choosing a frame! I enjoyed it, honestly. Trying out different frames. Some designs were so cool and beautiful hanging in the store, but looked ridiculous on my face!
And then the shop owner and the one I knew, came with a design that they got in that same morning.

At first I didn’t liked the blue in the frame, but now I see it as a fun detail that makes it more interesting and a key piece to wear. When she gave the glasses to me, I wasn’t really convinced that this was the one, but when I had put it on, I knew that it wouldn’t got better than that. I actually looked very handsome with the glasses haha!

And then there’s the last step and that is too really feel your glasses. So I got a very sexy thing on my face where they put the same glasses in that are now also in my spectacles.

With “feel” I mean, if you never have had glasses before, your eyes are going to feel weird!

Maybe you’ve put on someone else’s glasses sometime, just for fun. You see all blurry and your eyes feel weird while trying to get a focus through the glass. Well this is the same, but not that extremely. My glasses in particular has cylinders.

Cylinders? Yes at first I also didn’t knew what this was, but what me was told: My view in the world is a bit oval and the cylinders makes my view wider. My eyes and brain have to get used to this, so that’s why my eyes felt so weird in the beginning!

experience glasses

experience glasses

The experience

When I upload this post, I have these glasses for almost a week. The first few days were the hardest, my brain let me feel like I took drugs with my glasses. Because of the cylinders (I think) my view changed. Some things turned smaller, my legs for instance. One time I was laying on the couch with my boyfriend and my legs looked like they were from a kid!
And when I was walking with my dog, the things passing by weren’t passing by as fast as they have to do. Also everything looked 2D.

Yeah this was really creepy. But it’s just something temporarily. Right now it only feels like I’m a bit drunk and I am sure that in a few days I will be completely used to this and my view will turn back to normal!

Maybe you’re away of the fact that we actually see the world upside down. The world is projected upside down in your eyes. Your brain is the one that turns that view like you see it right now.
There was an experient once where they put someone some glasses on that turns the whole world upside down. After a week, the brain had turned it around and they could see normal like before. Very cool if you ask me!

And that is exactly what’s happening right now with mine, I just need to get used to them 🙂

I haven’t had my glasses on while driving, I don’t trust my eyes with the glasses for that at the moment. Maybe some time later, when I’m fully used to it!


Do you have glasses?

Much love, Joy


4 Journals I use at the moment ~ With tips!

4 Journals I use at the moment ~ With tips!

4 journals
Journals, you know I love them! I’m now on “normal”  journal number ten and this is not going to be the last one I make!

With normal journal I mean a journal, no whether what I will always write in it and that is the most important notebook for me. But I don’t write in just one notebook, I do in several ones. And I really want to show you what notebooks I use at the moment to keep my mind sane!

I write in notebooks as long as I can remember. When I was little I was nuts about notebooks, friendship books and went to the library very often. I don’t have any diary left from when I was at that age, because they were all filled till page 20 or something and blank from that page on. So mostly I threw them away, a waste when I think about it right now. I would have loved it to read about what was on my mind at that moment!

But back to this what this post is about!
So I don’t only have these journals, but also use some others:

1. The one I shared the most

Like I said, I’ve never been that good with keeping a diary at an early age, but since I started journaling, I never stopped doing it! So yeah, what is the difference between these two and why does it seems easier to write in a journal then a diary? Well I think this post is going to be way too long if I get into the details, but I think a journal is something more open, accepting and less too personal.

The most beautiful thought about journals I think it’s  that it doesn’t have to be only for me. I know my mom and grandma have diaries from long ago and I would love to read them! Only I know they rather keep it for themselves and ofcourse I do respect that. But (almost) everyone can take a peek into my journal if they want to.

2. A regular A4 notebook

An another notebook I regularly use is a normal A4 ring bound notebook. Here I write down the thoughts that I want to get rid of, but rather not write it in my other journal. Those are more personal and I know that I would want to throw those pages away some day.

Something I also use this notebook for, are Morning Pages. If you have never heard of this, it’s something Julia Cameron created and wrote about in her book The Artist’s Way.

So the whole idea of this is that you wake up, make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and sit down to write down three full pages of everything that’s on your mind. Yes, three is a lot and I actually never write three pages. Mostly two, then my head is clear and ready for the day! Also I don’t write them that often, because on work days I really don’t have the time for this in the mornings. So I rather write Morning pages of free days and in evenings to write about everything that happened that day.

Some time ago, I started something new. You may have read about it in my last post. I made a free printable that you also can download and use, filled with writing prompts to have everything something to write about. I always have loved it to use these kinds of printables and it’s really fun to make one myself and use it!

3. Blogjournal

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” it says on the front of this notebook. I’m not crazy about quotes, but this is something that is really “true” for me. There are days when your motivation is far away and you rather watch netflix then make a new blogpost (yes I’m very guilty of this) . And sometimes it is good to do something else, to get a break from everything, but you also need to keep going on for the same reason you started doing it in the first place!

So generally I use this notebook for notes about social media and articles for my blog. Regularly I make notes to get to know more about the beauty of blogging!

4. Workbooks

There is something that I always loved so much to do, and that is writing in books. And now I’m not talking about notebooks, but workbooks. And no, not those from school, but really fun ones you can buy in the bookstore. You might have heard of “Wreck This Journal” from Keri Smith. I have had this book, never did much with it, sadly, but I did like to flip through it and writing in it!

Nowadays I own workbooks like the “Mindfulness workbook” from Flow Magazine and I’m working in a dutch workbook named (in english) “I can achieve everything I want to” from Gewoon Jip. I bought this book at creative life last march. So in this book you are working on a specific dream or goal you want to achieve. And throughout the book, you are actually realizing the dream or goal. These books are so much fun to work with!

Some tips for you to keep a journal:

– Buy a notebook and take it everywhere you go. Write in it when you feel like it and use it to write down thoughts or just notes.

– Use my free printable! More ideas to fill up the notebook you just bought 🙂

– If you are going to save this journal for many years, be sure to invest in a really good notebook. I love to use Paperblanks but I’ve also heard great things about Moleskine. They are expensive, but they will last you a long time!

– Stick not with only one brand. Honestly, if I would have a regular black journal time after time, I would be done with the book a lot faster. So be bold, choose a design you love and don’t be afraid to try out different brands! I have journals that come in various sizes and I love each and everyone of them!

– Do you think that only writing is a bit boring? Well I can understand it because I share the same feeling. That’s why I use scraps of paper, colorful pens and washi tape to bright up my pages!

– Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram are great sources to boost your inspiration and motivation to work in your journal! I especially love to use Instagram, I always find so much inspiration for new pages and new ways to make my journal pretty  🙂

Do you have journals? And did you get some more inspiration to fill up your pile of blank notebooks?


Much love,