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Lately my sister found a very nice place to go to in Amsterdam. A place where hot dogs and milkshakes are the important pants of the menu. How awesome is that!

Hotspot - Bulls and dogs

It did took a while to get there when we got off the subway, but it really was worth it when we got there!

So I didn’t took that many pictures of the inside of the place. That’s because, and this may sound stupid, the place was filled with girls that just got out of school that day and they all looked very fashionable. It was like you took some people from Instagram and dropped them all right in that place, if you know what I mean haha. So yeah I felt a bit ashamed to take pictures, not very handy when you’re a blogger but I did manage to make some!

Hotspot - Bulls and dogs

So let me tell you something about what we ordered there. They are really famous from their “Freakalicious Milkshakes” so ofcourse we had to try these out! These milkshakes don’t even look delicious and beautiful, they were freaking delicious. They have various different milkshakes from ones with strawberry or banana to “Sparkling Disco Party” Well if that doesn’t make you happy!

Hotspot - Bulls and dogs

I chose the “Crazy Vanilla Madness” and my sister had the “Fancy Mokka Mania”. We also had some food because we were hungry. So I took the “The Funky Fresh Dog” and my sister the “Curly Fries”. Together it all costed €22.

Amazing place to hang out with friends, order some fancy drinks and chat all day. I really would have gone there more if it was in a area in Amsterdam that I go to more. I’m not a student anymore, so I never go to this area. It also hasn’t really got good connections with the subway, you can go there by tram. So are you close by or do you study close by the Woustraat in Amsterdam, be sure to check it out.
Much love, Joy