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Planning my day is a really important thing for me. If I don’t do that, my head will just explode from all the incentives (I don’t really know if this is the right word for it, but to explain, I mean like little clouds in your head of thoughts, ideas and things that happened that are clouding up your sight to see clearly.) I get. I can get really irritated and stressed if I don’t write things down. Because of that, I have some experience with finding the right planner. Now I still haven’t found it. I still change my planning system often, but I do want to share with you how it looks like right now!

Well I haven’t even tried out that much different kinds of planners, but I have tried out some of Hema. Like the regular weekly planners with some space to write down things for every day. These really worked out for me when I was in school, but I found that I needed something more for my life right now. So I do have a planner from Hema. It’s a minimalistic planner with a timeline for every day to write your appointments. The cover was black, that was a little too simple for me, I wanted to have a really nice one like you see on the internet much. With very artistic covers and a customisable inside. (only those are a little too expensive if you ask me) But this also really out for me, only I DIY-ed it to make it more personal!

So let’s take a look at the planners I’m using right now to plan out my life!

Hema Planner

First of all, the planner I bought at Hema and DIY-ed. This is the planner I use the most at the moment. In this planner you can find an overview of all the months and dates of 2017 and 2018, monthly overviews and weekly overviews. Especially the monthly overviews are really welcome, you don’t have those in the other planners from Hema I talked about.

My planning system


These spreads are my planner for my blog and goals. Here I write down the articles I wrote and uploaded and just everything important for my blog. Also I use this to write down my goals for that month, but I’m thinking of moving that to another planner. Keep reading to know where I want to move that to!

You can also find a tracker here. I don’t have that much time to track things like how much water I drink and how much I sleep, but I do want to track the days I blog, post something on instagram, journal and write morning pages. When the month is ending, I also will write down how much days of the total days of the month I have done that. It’s really interesting to see how much time I have put into that task!

To brighten it all up, I use the zebra mildliners for a color code with their beautiful colours.

My planning system


This is the place where everything in my week comes together. I write down my appointments, the days I work, birthdays and everything I need to remind that week. These pages are more minimalistic than my monthly spreads. You see in the pictures that I’ve used things like colorful pens and washi tape to brighten it up, but the weeks are going really fast and it will all be too much if I also do that with my weekly spreads. I do like to make the special days more beautiful as you can see in the pictures! So I only use a black pen and the Mildliners. To color code my tasks. The red/pink one for appointments and important things and the grey one to highlight the days I work.


Bullet Journal

Something I started last year and really have used a lot. Back when I was in school, I had the time to make weekly spreads with weekly trackers and just used it as my everyday planner. It took a lot of time to make those spreads and didn’t had time for it when I started working a full-time job. So in the months after that I’ve used it as an expense journal. And some time ago I started looking at the beautiful pictures on instagram from bullet journals and their colorful and really detailed spreads. I fell in love again and wanted to give it a second chance!

Still it will be different from when I started using it for the first time. It’s minimalistic now and do use some colours, but there won’t be any comprehensive trackers and things like that. I wished I could do that, but I rather use the time I have for journalling.

So what can you find in my bullet journal? Ofcourse I will keep on tracking my expenses and incomings, because that really helped me knowing where my money is going to and to save up money rather than just spending it all on things and questioning myself at the end of the month where the hell my money went to!
And you can also find daily todo-lists of my free days in it. Before I used a regular ruled A4 notebook for this, but I wanted to move that to my Bullet journal. To give my free days structure I make a todo-list and a time-schedule. I’ve already used this system some days and it really worked out for me!

My planning system

To answer the question of where I want to move my goals to, I want to move it to my Bullet Journal. 🙂

My planning system

Work Journal

The last thing I use as a planner is a ruled A6 notebook, also from Hema that I take with me when I am working. Here I wrote a monthly overview and after that there are two pages for good and learning things that happened that month. It’s just to reflect on my days and make notes to clear out my head at the end of a workday!

My planning systemMy planning system

Throughout the years have used more planners at the same time, and I’m still doing that because it works out for me. I always find some things that are missing in a planner and I do find that in other ones. That way I have everything I need, only in more than one planner.
n example: I like my planner from Hema, but I miss more pages for notes to write down different trackers. And with the Bullet Journal system, I have the space I need for different trackers and stuff, but I find it difficult to plan ahead. Combine those two, and that makes the perfect system for me right now.


And that’s all, my planning system!

What do you use to plan your days with?
Much love, Joy