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Handlettering ~ Trying something new

Handlettering ~ Trying something new

I have said it before, but I was actually not really a person that likes quotes. Not that it was cliché, but just because I never found quotes that really were true for me or fitted me.

Some time ago I started seeing so much video’s and pictures on Instagram with beautiful handlettering and calligraphy. In the bookshops it’s not different, everyone has at least one table standing there with only handlettering books and all kinds of pens and markers. A little bit of heaven for me!

So with the time, the idea of doing calligraphy and handlettering went from “I can never do that” to “I want to be able to do that!”

The first thing I bought was the Ecoline Brush Pen from Talens. You may have seen it somewhere, they are stunning! With this brush pen I started practicing handlettering. I watched video’s on Instagram and tried to recreated the letters they made. I really am no expert in this, but the more you practice, the better you get, right?

In my journals you can also find now quotes here and there or I wrote the title of the day in brush lettering.


I would love to show you what other things I had bought to practice handlettering!


Crayola Supertips

I saw a lot of pictures and video’s coming by where they used the Crayola supertips. Also I read that these are great for when you’re starting with handlettering. They are cheap and easy to use with their bullet like tip.

So I ordered a 12-pack on a dutch store online for €7. I’ve been using them a lot over the last couple of weeks and really did learn a lot with these!


Sakura Pigma pennen

When I walked into a bookstore lately I found two pens from the japanese brand Sakura. These pens come in three sized, I bought two, because the shop didn’t sold the middle sized one. I have the biggest one, BB, and the finest one, FB. The BB looks amazing, but really is not very easy to work with if you are just starting like me. I have practiced with it a lot, and now I can make it work, but it takes some effort!

The FB is very fine and if you ask me, easy to use. I have already make some very pretty creations with it!

You have so many different pens to use for handlettering and I only chose these because I ran upon them in a bookstore, you can choose any pen!


Letters! The workbook. Met Marjet

It was time to purchase something really fun to make practice handlettering even more fun! When I was in the bookstore to purchase the pens, I also bought a workbook for handlettering. (If you have read my last POST, you know I love workbooks)

Here there were so many beautiful books with different styles of calligraphy and handlettering! I wished I could have them all, but in the end I chose the workbook.

There was also a handbook that is made by the same woman that made this workbook, but I wanted to get started right away and not only read about it. That’s why I chose the workbook.

In the future I am going to purchase more books I think, but for now I’m going to work with this beautiful book.
In the workbook you get a small introduction about the book and then you can start practicing right away. You get some exercises for handlettering that write in the book to get you starting. But these are also great if you are about to make a something beautiful and you want to do a little warm-up!

Marjet tells about the different types of inkts and how you can use them with your dip pen, but I don’t really use a dip pen. Why? simple, I’m a lefty. I have tried it, but using a dip pen means making a letter and waiting five minutes until it’s dry. 

So if you are a lefty and you have tips for me, I’d love to hear them!

Instead I use the Sakura Pigma FB for this workbook. It does the job, it’s not as sleek as when you use a dip pen, but it still is very beautiful!


Have you ever done handlettering?


Much love, Joy