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DIY – Travel Journal

DIY – Travel Journal

Hey you birdies!
I’m back with a new DIY for the upcoming summer where I’m very excited over it!

So this summer, I’m going to be away for some days in Spain and I’m really loving what I’ve done with a summer travel journal I just bought.
If you follow me on instagram, you already have seen a sneak peak of my new journal and now I really want to show you how I’ve set it up for the summer!

This is a creative and personal DIY, so I’m not going to write down what you will need to make this. See this post as an inspiration and make it your own!

DIY - Traveljournal

The notebook itself

So some days ago, I went over to a stationery shop in town to look for a nice notebook. I chose this very beautiful notebook from the Van Gogh museum. I absolutely love the painting on the cover! It’s calming and very nature-ish, perfect for a vacation if you ask me.

DIY - Traveljournal

Last year, I bought one from Hema (a stationery shop in The Netherlands), that one was a A5 size, ringbound with many extra’s for a vacation. I loved that one, but it got a bit to bulky at the end. So I wanted to look for one that is a bit smaller that I could decorate myself.
This notebook is 15,3 cm x 10,5 cm x 1 cm. It’s not exactly a A6, this one is a little bit longer.
I chose this one because this size is much more convenient for travels.

When you flip it open, you immediately see the lining on the right of the pages, and the blank left pages. Actually I didn’t knew that when I bought it, because it was wrapped in plastic. (Obviously it was informated on the back of the notebook, but I didn’t saw that untill I was home.) But I really like it! That means journalling on the right of the pages, and crafting and drawing on the left!
There are 17 lines on one page, 0.8 mm away from each other. Personally I prefer to have more lines on one page, but I can deal with it.
You probably don’t see it on the pictures, but the lining is a dark-green instead of black, so nice!

Label it

DIY - Traveljournal

So when I flip it open on the first page, you see a nice flower sticker on the left and a label on the right of the pages. They are both from the Flow Book For Paper Lovers (Sadly, I heard it’s hard to order this book when you don’t live in The Netherlands) A book filled with paper goodies.

On the label I wrote the purpose of the journal and under that the dates of the vacation.
I think it’s so important to do this, if you ever want to look back in that journal, you know when and where you used that journal!

Decorate it

DIY- Traveljournal

On the next two pages, I just decorated it with a nice card, and a screenshot from Google Maps where our house in spain is mapped. Above the card with the lovely painting I wrote Spain first with a marker and after that with a fineliner. I have seen this way of calligraphy often on pinterest and instagram and I think it’s a beautiful.

Index it

DIY - Traveljournal

So here we start with the actual travel journal. On the right page, I put a index to organize where everything is in my journal, since I wanted to put a lot in it!

After the index, I numbered all of the right pages so you can find everything very easily when you look at the index.

Personal information

DIY- Traveljournal

One thing I want to be sure of, is that I have the right information when I’m about to leave for a trip.

So here I put some personal information like my mother’s name and number, my Doctor’s and my insurance in case of a emergency. You never know when you need it!

Also in case of missing, I also wrote my email and phone number in my journal.


DIY - Traveljournal

On the next four pages, I made some space for a checklist. I’m only going to take one small suitcase and a backpack with me, so this much space will be enough.
So on the first page, I write everything I want to take with me in my backpack. Like my journal (ofcourse!), a book and my Ipod.
On the next 2 pages I write everything I want to put in my suitcase.
And on the last page I write down everything I want to wear in the plane that day and under all of the liquids I’m taking with me on the plane.

Travel Journey

DIY - Traveljournal

These next two pages really gives me organisation in my journey!
Here I have put a map of some countries in Europe. You also see a line from Amsterdam to the east of Spain, Valencia. That line is the Plane I’m on. After that I need to take the bus and the train. I don’t speak one word spanish and I’m alone in the plain and bus, so it takes some stress away by writing it and mapping it!

My journey back to home isn’t mapped yet, because it’s still far away and I don’t want to make mistakes in my journal. I’m going to write that when I’m sure of it.

Before I Go – writing promps

DIY - Traveljournal

This is one of my favorite parts of the journal! In the back of my journal, I glued on a list of travel journal writing promps I found on pinterest.The first four promps are for before you start your journey, I want to write those about a week before I leave.


Example: 4. (before you go) What are you most looking forward to?

The promps are from


DIY - Traveljournal

And the last thing that’s in my journal so far, a list of shops I want to visit in Valencia. By now, I only have one stationery shop, but I guess there will be more!


I don’t have any ideas after that to put in my journal, so I’m going to start writing down my journey in the rest of the journal!


And that is how I have set up my travel journal.

I’d love to hear if you have any more ideas to put in it!

Also if you’re going to make this, be sure to share it with me on instagram or by email.
Have a nice week sweethearts, enjoy the sun, do something you love and I see you in my next post.

DIY: How to make your backpack look even better.

DIY: How to make your backpack look even better.

I’m in love with bags, especially backpacks. That is not only because I love how they look, but also because I got back- and shoulders pains sometimes and then I prefer to use a backpack in stead of a handbag or shoulderbag.

Also, when I got a backpack, I want it to be very stiff, so that it stays in it’s normal shape (does that sound crazy?)

Bags that move all over the place makes me really disorganized and gives me a feeling of stress, I noticed.

I want to take a look in my bag and seeing all at once of what is in my bag, in stead of searching for hours to find that one perticular thing.

I’ve got a backpack from Hype I really like, but the fabric is a bit loose at the bottom and it annoyed me, so I figured I wanted to do something about it!

So this DIY is not only for making your backpack look better, but also for people who like their bags like I do!

So let’s get started, shall we?!

Step 1.

DIY backpack hype

The things you will need:

– The bag you want to DIY

– Sciccors

– Pincers to cut the wire with

– Electronic wire

I’m using this because it was the only thing I could find that was in the perfect size and shape and wasn’t to heavy. I know it does sound weird, but I think it works really well and I taped the ends with some tape, just to be sure haha.

– Tape

– Fabric glue or needle and thread. (optional)

Step 2.

DIY bag cable

So the first thing you want to do is to cut the head from the wire.

Sadly, I lost the pictures where I’m taping the ends, but make sure do you this very good, so it’s really secured. (Or just find some other wire to use)

DIY bag scissors

At most backpacks there’s a little flap of fabric to protect the zipper from getting wet in the rain, we are going to use this part of the bag!

Take your scissors and cut far enough in the fabric so that the cable can be put through. Do not do this at the beginning of the flap, so that the cable is secured and doesn’t fall out all of the time.

Step 3.

DIY backpack cable

Put the cable through the flap of fabric, untill you reach the other end.

I ended up making another cut at the other end because I couldn’t get the cable through the end.

Step 4.

DIY backpack cable

Secure the cable ends into place. You can use fabric glue or needle and thread to close the cuts, but I was okay with this!

bag before and after

Forgot to take a before & after picture, so here’s another bag without the DIY

Looks so much better!!

DIY backpack flow magazine

I loved it how it came out and I hope you have lot’s of fun DIYing your bag!

(that’s the Flow Magazine in my bag, the absolute best magazine ever!)

If you are going to do this DIY, please let me know! Tag me in the picture on instagram! @joy.soul

Have a good day birdies

Fun fact: I’m from The Netherlands and lately I had my English exams and succeeded with two A’s!