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Review ~ Zebra Mildliners

Review ~ Zebra Mildliners

For such a long time I have seen the Zebra Mildliners taking over instagram. I wanted them for so long, but something was holding me back.

You can’t order them on dutch websites and I have find it a bit scary to order something from across the broad. I had one time when I ordered a sweater and I had to pay so much import duties that I never did that again.
But some weeks ago, I saw a discount code from @Peachystudy and I decided to just order it and to see how it goes!
Last week, my order finally came in the mail and I want to show you what kind of beauties these markers are!

I ordered from

review zebra mildliners

review zebra mildliners    .

The price I payed

I payed $12.60/€11.85 total with the discount.
So in the end, I didn’t had to pay import duties what makes me really happy!
You don’t have to pay extra when the total price (with shipping costs) is under €21. (This is in NL, It can be different in other countries.)
This is an amazing price with the discount in my opinion.

review zebra mildliners

review zebra mildliners

The product

First of all, you can choose between three different colour palette’s; Pastel, Warm and Cool. I chose for Cool because it all had colours I love.

In this palette you get five colours, there’s green, blue, grey, purple and a pink/red one. The pink/red and blue one are already mijn favorites!
The pens are double sided, with a bold tip for marking and a fine tip for writing.
You can see that the colour looks different on the tip of the marker than what you get on paper. On the tip the colour is more bright, but you really get a nice mild colour when used!
The material of the marker is very nice. It’s all made from plastic and it feels very stable and high-end in your hands.

review zebra mildliners

What am I going to use them for?

I am intending to use these pens in my journal (ofcourse) for writing and maybe some drawing.
Like when I still was at school, it loved it to write all my notes down. Now I don’t need to do that anymore ofcourse, but I still like to make lists. Lists for todo’s, movies to watch, books to read, and so on. These pens will definitely make my notes and lists more beautiful. 

Do you have these beautiful mildliners and do you like them?

Much love, Joy

March favorites

March favorites


The sun is shining outside and I’m recharging myself on this beautiful day with a nice warm cup of coffee and quality time with my boy. In just a few weeks, it’s spring again. The season of flowers, birds and long, long walks with my dog in the woods. I am very looking forward to that.  


Still, I am doubting about the look of my website. It’s different from my old one, and to be fair, very different from other blog websites. I am not sure if It’s what I want it to be and I’m thinking of getting a another theme. Maybe I just have to get used of it? I don’t know, we’ll see.   



This is a post I have never done before and had much fun with making it.

Here are my favorite stuff in March; let’s get into it!

1. Clothing item

March favorites

Chicago ~ Jacqueline de Yong

I’m still working on becoming a minimalist, and with that I’m reorganizing my closet. I throw out clothing that I don’t like and don’t wear. Also I have adopted a new clothing style (I liked this style for a very long time but never worked on it to make it my own). When I was younger I liked bold colours and busy patterns. Also I bought clothing I somewhere knew I would never wear, yep that’s a bad habit right?

So my new clothing style is black/grey/white and nature colours like beige and brown. With wearing these kinds of calm colours, my head get's instantly calmer and clearer. Also, these are timeless colours and I could wear for a very long time without getting bored of it!

So, when I was reorganizing my closet, I figured out I really needed some basic, timeless shirts. This shirt was one of the shirts I really liked. It’s simply but classy with the typography and I can match it with multiple items in my closet!  

2. Perfume

march favorites

Rituals Chakra Water bed & body mist

I got this one as a christmas present from my father.  I love the refreshing scent of honey and roses. It’s no surprise I’ve used it so much since then, the smell is so enlightening for the dark days we’ve had. It made the worse days a bit better!

I won’t stop using it, because spring is almost here and the body mist is perfect for warm, sunny days!

2. Body

march favorites

Coconut handcream

With the weather still cold and harsh, I like to use a good and rich handcream to protect my hands. Also I wash my hands a lot because of my internship and that dries out your skin a lot. I got this coconut cream at a dollar store but it’s actually really good! Big win!  

3. Art

march favorites

Paper Mate black ballpoint pen

Before I got this pen, I’ve had a pen from a dutch store named Hema, It was a Muji like pen and I was totally in love in it. Unfortunately, Hema stopped selling them and I don’t think I can buy the real Muji pens in The Netherlands. After a long search, I decided to try a ballpen and bought a Paper mate black ballpen. I’m more into the gelpens, but I really like how smooth this one writes and that the ink had a very nice rich black color. I think I will keep on searching for my perfect pen after I finish this one, but it’s definitely my favorite this month!  


4. Music


Lucie Jones & Seth Lakeman – The ballad of midsummer county

The first time I heard this beautiful and mindtaking song was at a episode of “Midsummer Murders”. I spended a normal evening on the couch, phone in one hand, a glass of lemonade in the other. The moment I heard the first notes of the song and then, the hypnotizing voice, I stopped. My hand and phone fell on the fabric next to me, my lemonade almost spilled. I fell in love, this is music I live for. Listen, and let it take you away.   




What are your march favorites? 


Oh, and please tell me if you like my website theme. Give me tips, I’ll be thanking you!


Have a nice week birdies.