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My first experience with glasses

My first experience with glasses

I always was the one with the good eyes. I could read very tiny words from a nail polish bottle and things far away also weren’t a problem for me. Honestly I thought I never had to get glasses, until I started driving and realized I’m actually not that great in reading signs afar. And that’s something important with driving, right?

Also back in January when I went on WINTER SPORTS, I drove for up till three hours without breaks and then I really felt it. My eyes begun to get tired and I got a headache after hours of focussing on the road. After we stopped, the only thing I wanted to do was to close my eyes. My body wasn’t even tired, only my eyes were!

And then you get these phases like “What? No I don’t need glasses, I see perfectly fine!” and “Overall I see everything good enough.” until you reach “Maybe I should have my eyes checked out.”

So now we’re here, while writing this it’s sitting on my nose, I have glasses!
And how did it went? Where did I go to and what how bad are my eyes?

experience glasses

Yes, you really need glasses

When I was sure about it that I do really need glasses, I took a look around, checked out some opticians and in the end I remembered I know someone that works at an optician. So I went there, first to have my eyes checked out, and after that to get some glasses made at them.
The way they checked my eyes was with a machine. It’s hard to explain how it worked, but it turned out my left eye has -0.75 and my right eye -1.00. Not a big shock, but it is something!
(I don’t know if they do it the same way as in NL, but it means that I don’t see very good afar. I can see things clearly till about 10 meter, after that details get blurry.)

After knowing what your eyes are at, there are two more steps to make. First is the fun part, choosing a frame! I enjoyed it, honestly. Trying out different frames. Some designs were so cool and beautiful hanging in the store, but looked ridiculous on my face!
And then the shop owner and the one I knew, came with a design that they got in that same morning.

At first I didn’t liked the blue in the frame, but now I see it as a fun detail that makes it more interesting and a key piece to wear. When she gave the glasses to me, I wasn’t really convinced that this was the one, but when I had put it on, I knew that it wouldn’t got better than that. I actually looked very handsome with the glasses haha!

And then there’s the last step and that is too really feel your glasses. So I got a very sexy thing on my face where they put the same glasses in that are now also in my spectacles.

With “feel” I mean, if you never have had glasses before, your eyes are going to feel weird!

Maybe you’ve put on someone else’s glasses sometime, just for fun. You see all blurry and your eyes feel weird while trying to get a focus through the glass. Well this is the same, but not that extremely. My glasses in particular has cylinders.

Cylinders? Yes at first I also didn’t knew what this was, but what me was told: My view in the world is a bit oval and the cylinders makes my view wider. My eyes and brain have to get used to this, so that’s why my eyes felt so weird in the beginning!

experience glasses

experience glasses

The experience

When I upload this post, I have these glasses for almost a week. The first few days were the hardest, my brain let me feel like I took drugs with my glasses. Because of the cylinders (I think) my view changed. Some things turned smaller, my legs for instance. One time I was laying on the couch with my boyfriend and my legs looked like they were from a kid!
And when I was walking with my dog, the things passing by weren’t passing by as fast as they have to do. Also everything looked 2D.

Yeah this was really creepy. But it’s just something temporarily. Right now it only feels like I’m a bit drunk and I am sure that in a few days I will be completely used to this and my view will turn back to normal!

Maybe you’re away of the fact that we actually see the world upside down. The world is projected upside down in your eyes. Your brain is the one that turns that view like you see it right now.
There was an experient once where they put someone some glasses on that turns the whole world upside down. After a week, the brain had turned it around and they could see normal like before. Very cool if you ask me!

And that is exactly what’s happening right now with mine, I just need to get used to them 🙂

I haven’t had my glasses on while driving, I don’t trust my eyes with the glasses for that at the moment. Maybe some time later, when I’m fully used to it!


Do you have glasses?

Much love, Joy