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What’s in my pencil case

What’s in my pencil case


After a few posts about notebooks I also want to talk about something that I take with me everywhere I go, my pencil case. My favorite pens and markers are in this super classy pencil case and I love it to show you what’s in there!


My pencil case

From the moment I made this at Creative Life I fell in love with this one! My leather pencil case from Rozijntjes is made with lots of love and I take it with me every day in my already heavy bag, wherever I go to.


This pencil case is not to big, feels and looks very classy and it also makes me not take too much stuff with me on the go. (If I could I would take my whole desk and all my stuff with me every day!)


So, what do I exactly keep in here?

whats in my pencil case

Pentel Energel

My all time favorite pen that writes like it’s made by gods and has already set it’s ink in some of my journals. I discovered this pen about a year ago and I’m sure not to use any other anymore (except my fountain pen sometimes). The ink in the pen goes fast, but that doesn’t really bother to me!

whats in my pencil case

Crayola Supertips

I’m not into all the colours that come in the 12-pack Crayola Supertips, but there are two colours that are always in my pencil case. A salmon-colour and a pink one. Kind of funny, some years ago I really wasn’t into pink, but I do begin to like it more by time!

I use the Crayola Supertips for making headers and little sometimes  drawings in my journals.

whats in my pencil case

Zebra Mildliners

I’ve got a 5-pack with the cool colours. I take them all with me except for the green one. They are amazing to work with and the colours are ofcourse amazing 🙂

I live in The Netherlands and ordering them here is not a piece of cake, but it is definitely worth the wait and money!

whats in my pencil case

Mechanical pencil

Just your regular mechanical pencil, you probably have one too and know how it works haha!

whats in my pencil case


I’m really not great at making straight lines, and a protractor fits perfectly in my pencil case. I use it a lot for making spreads in my bullet journal. Or making straight lines when I want to cut something out!

What do I use my pencil case for?

So I take him with me everywhere I go. And being super fair, I really don’t use him a lot on the go. Sometimes I need my pen when I need to write something down, but I really just like taking him with me! At home it’s used a lot, It’s always lying in reach when I’m bullet journaling or writing in my journal 🙂

whats in my pencil case

What do you have in your pencil case?


Much love, Joy