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Review ~ Zebra Mildliners

Review ~ Zebra Mildliners

For such a long time I have seen the Zebra Mildliners taking over instagram. I wanted them for so long, but something was holding me back.

You can’t order them on dutch websites and I have find it a bit scary to order something from across the broad. I had one time when I ordered a sweater and I had to pay so much import duties that I never did that again.
But some weeks ago, I saw a discount code from @Peachystudy and I decided to just order it and to see how it goes!
Last week, my order finally came in the mail and I want to show you what kind of beauties these markers are!

I ordered from

review zebra mildliners

review zebra mildliners    .

The price I payed

I payed $12.60/€11.85 total with the discount.
So in the end, I didn’t had to pay import duties what makes me really happy!
You don’t have to pay extra when the total price (with shipping costs) is under €21. (This is in NL, It can be different in other countries.)
This is an amazing price with the discount in my opinion.

review zebra mildliners

review zebra mildliners

The product

First of all, you can choose between three different colour palette’s; Pastel, Warm and Cool. I chose for Cool because it all had colours I love.

In this palette you get five colours, there’s green, blue, grey, purple and a pink/red one. The pink/red and blue one are already mijn favorites!
The pens are double sided, with a bold tip for marking and a fine tip for writing.
You can see that the colour looks different on the tip of the marker than what you get on paper. On the tip the colour is more bright, but you really get a nice mild colour when used!
The material of the marker is very nice. It’s all made from plastic and it feels very stable and high-end in your hands.

review zebra mildliners

What am I going to use them for?

I am intending to use these pens in my journal (ofcourse) for writing and maybe some drawing.
Like when I still was at school, it loved it to write all my notes down. Now I don’t need to do that anymore ofcourse, but I still like to make lists. Lists for todo’s, movies to watch, books to read, and so on. These pens will definitely make my notes and lists more beautiful. 

Do you have these beautiful mildliners and do you like them?

Much love, Joy

Travel journal accessories ~ Trip to Austria

Travel journal accessories ~ Trip to Austria

You guys, I’m so excited because next week, I’m going on a trip to Austria! We are going to skiing for a week and I can’t wait to leave already!
Ofcourse I’m going to take my journal with me and I’d like to show you what I take with me on this trip.Travel journal accessories

Some time ago I made my own journal for traveling, but this time it’s just for one week. I don’t know yet how much time I will have to write and make my spreads, and because I already had bought my new journal lately, it’s going to be in my Paperblanks journal!Travel journal accessories

We have been skiing since I was about six years old and they are the holidays I enjoy the most. Sun and the beach is okay for me, but what you get me really excited about is snow and beautiful mountains.

Travel journal accessories

Have you ever been skiing or snowboarding?

Much love,




Travel journal accessories

Paperblanks notebook ~ Review

Paperblanks notebook ~ Review

With my last journal filled up it was time to find my next one. I had some things that I really wanted with my next journal. I wanted it to hold watercolours, because I really want to paint again in my journal. Also I wanted a nice design so that every time I look at it, I get excited to write in it.
I went into town and found this beautiful Paperblanks notebook at Bruna.
Maybe you already see why I instantly fell in love with it!
The blue and gold design reminds me a bit of frost and the cold in the begin of the year.

On the inside, it’s all gold and I just love that! I wrote my name and the date I began journaling in this beauty on this page. Fun thing, when I wrote it down, you saw the ink drying up and becoming a much lighter colour!

Paperblanks notebook ~ Review


So Paperblanks gives every notebook a name and a story about the design of the notebook.

The name of this notebook is “Crystal Chandelier”. I will cite a small part of the story:

What small soul insisted that less must always be more? Certainly it was no lover of the Rococo style. These contemporary designs conjure the essence of the Baroque period’s most ornate and magnificent flowering.”

Some other things to know; this notebook is a midi format and has 144 pages. It has ruled paper with grey ink so that you see the lines, but not so much anymore when you use black pen. For a lefty, this is perfect!

Paperblanks notebook ~ Review

Some other things to know; this notebook is a midi format and has 144 pages. It has ruled paper with grey ink so that you see the lines, but not so much anymore when you use black pen. For a lefty, this is perfect!


Paperblanks notebook ~ Review


Certainly I will use this journal like my last one. My favorite pen: Pentel Energel in Black, washi tape, markers and in this journal, watercolours.


I’m sure to have a lot of fun with this one, would you like to see more insides? Check out my instagram for the upcoming time because there is where I post the pages I write and make!


Do you have a notebook that is beyond beautiful?


My 9th journal ~ A look inside

My 9th journal ~ A look inside

Hello beautiful people of the internet, and the ones that are new here; Welcome! My name is Joy and I love to write about the beauty of journalling and everything that comes with it. Have a nice cup of tea or coffee and stick around for some time!

My current journal is almost all filled up and I’m very excited to show some pages with you all. The last few months were very busy and exciting, making my journal filled with various stories about what was going on in my life. Personally, I think that this one right here is my favorite at the moment.

If you scroll down you’ll see some pics from my favorite pages. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and that you get inspired.

Have a nice day you all!

Much love, Joy



My 9th journal ~ A look inside
My 9th journal ~ A look inside
My 9th journal ~ A look inside
My 9th journal ~ A look inside

My 9th journal ~ A look inside
My 9th journal ~ A look inside

My 9th journal ~ A look inside

My 9th journal ~ A look inside

My 9th journal ~ A look inside

My 9th journal ~ A look inside

My 9th journal ~ A look inside

5 reasons for keeping a journal

5 reasons for keeping a journal

I’ve started journalling since around September 2014 and I’ve learned a lot of what it can do with you and how it really can optimise your life.
Keeping my thoughts in a simple notebook has helped me to make the choices I made till now. I’d love to share some good things of keeping a journal with you!

There were times where I was feeling like a big mess and didn’t know what my head was trying to tell me. You can image a letter where someone scribbled over with a big marker. Because of journalling, I was able to look through the mess and make my head ordered. I always feel so destressed and calm after I have journalled on such a day!

I think it’s so important to take the time to know yourself and take care of yourself. Because loving others means loving yourself in the first place. Journalling is a simple and really effective way to achieve this.

So here are 5 reasons why keeping a journal is such a good thing, at the end of this post, I will share some inspiration with you to help you get started!


1. You finally use that pile of notebooks you never had a use for!

Yes, you know what I’m talking about. It’s somewere, in a drawer, in a old shoebox, it’s there!

Find them, take one out of it, get a pen and begin to write! About what? In this post I put some promps to get you started!

No, it’s not a waste to use that notebook for this sorts of things. I think it’s the most beautiful thing to use a nice notebook for! Because someday, you will look back into that notebook and smile. You will probably feel proud of the progress you made since that time.

Writing promp: “Write about why you love that notebook you chose for journalling?”


2. A bit of self care

I believe that journalling really is a way of dealing with things and yourself. When you are stuck in something, you probably lost yourself. A way of starting to find yourself back could be writing about it in a notebook. (I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to a professional, but this is just a tip for dealing it yourself)

Write about your fears, your struggles and something that is so so important: Grattitude!
Just by writing 5 simple positive things everyday can help you see the bright side of everything and believe that there is positivity in yourself and in this world.

Everyone has days that are hard to go through and I believe that journalling can help you get through it easier.

Writing promp: “What is bothering you?”


3. Planning for tomorrow

Something I love to journal about. When I write, it’s not only about what I did that day or what I experienced, but also what I am hoping for the future. I love to write about my goals and dreams!

Some dream for me was to start a blog, and it’s so silly but sometimes I have to write about something like that before the thought comes in my head: “Well, why don’t I just do it?” And now I’m writing about my dreams I want to get to in the future, like writing a book.

Writing promp: “If you could make one wish, what would you wish for?”


4. Looking back on something

What I really love to do, is to journal when I’m going on holiday to somewhere. I buy a separate notebook for this and prepare for my holiday by putting all sorts of nice things in it like stickers and paper goodies. I’m preparing for my trip to spain right now and I’ve already included some very nice things in this journal to look forward to that trip!

I will make a post about this journal, so keep yourself updated!

So when you come back from your trip and have completed that journal, sit down for a minute. Grab a glass of your favorite drink and go look through that journal, it’s such a nice and relaxing way of looking back on your trip!

I still love to flip through old journals from years ago and love to see the pictures and things I’ve included to memorize that time!

Writing promp: “Where do you want to go to and why?”


5. Make some art

You have so much sorts of journals, like the bullet journal, art journal, writing journal, craft journal and something I like, a mix of a art journal and writing journal. I love to write about things in my journal, but I also enjoy to draw, paint and stick things inside of my journal to make it pretty and personal.

There is one rule in this that I hold onto: “It doesn’t have to be pretty.”

No artist started with what he is making this day, so you don’t have to make pretty things from the start.

A journal is something personal, I like to share it with you guys, but you really don’t have to. So make a mess in your journal, doodle, draw imperfectly and be proud of it!

Writing promp: “What art materials do you prefer to use?”

Some inspiration:

(Pictures are not mine, but found on Pinterest)

5 reasons for keeping a journal 5 reasons for keeping a journal5 reasons for keeping a journal 5 reasons for keeping a journal5 reasons for keeping a journal 5 reasons for keeping a journal5 reasons for keeping a journal5 reasons for keeping a journal


I hope this post has inspired you to start (or keep doing) journalling!
Have a nice day darlings.