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Greenhouse Festival

Greenhouse Festival


About two weeks ago I ran upon a Facebook event for the Greenhouse Festival in Amsterdam. Well actually, the title of the event was: “This is how you keep your plants alive” and was organised by Wildernis.

So yeah the moment I read the title I knew I had to go here. Why? Because I had some succulents that died and I don’t want that to happen again! (yes, I know, but keeping succulents is actually harder than it looks!)

Greenhouse Festival

12:00 PM, I sat down at the stage for the reading hosted by Wildernis about how to keep your plants alive. The whole time I made notes on my phone because I didn’t want to forget any of it! The reading was really interesting and ofcourse after it, I was determined that I wanted an another plant for my little family.

After the reading I took a walk at the event. The event was at the Transformatorhuis and inside I looked like walking around in a rainforest. Everywhere you looked, beautiful plants!

Greenhouse Festival

The reading wasn’t the only thing there. There were also some workshops you could follow and lots of shops. There was one shop where they sold books about plants and a really cute notebook I almost bought (I already have to many to fill) And ofcourse the most shops sold plants.

At the entrance there was a device standing there. The girl who was with the device, told me that when you post a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #greenhousefestival, she could make a magnet out of it! Ofcourse I had to do this, so I walked around, took a pretty picture, uploaded it and now I have it forever on a cute magnet. You see the magnet on the first picture at the beginning of this post.

Greenhouse Festival

In the end, after seeing many plants, I chose to take a pancake plant to take home with me. I bought this supercute plant at Wildernis.  Also I bought a small book about houseplants that they made together with my favorite magazine, Flow magazine.

Greenhouse Festival

At this moment I have three cactuses, one succulent and one pancake plant! (I really love the name of the plant)

Ofcourse I won’t stop here, but I don’t want to fill my whole room with plants. I will keep it with small plants at the moment and when I move out, I certainly will buy some bigger ones.


Do you have any plants at home?


Much love,