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New update!

New update!


As you may have noticed, some of my posts on here were written in English and Dutch.

I did this for two reasons:

1. Most of the blogs I read are in Dutch and I actually really wanted to write in my native language too. It’s really nice to train my english by blogging, but I also really enjoy it to write in Dutch.

2. Also the most of the people that read my blog are dutch. Now I didn’t wanted to switch completely to dutch because of this. I still wanted my blog to be international, but it’s logical that most people like it more to read something in their native language, right?

While strolling on the internet some time ago I came across some plugins. To put a feature on your website so your readers can switch between languages. The feature in is my sidebar, try it out! If you click on “Nederlands” everything will switch to Dutch and switch back if you want to.

Normally I put the title in the picture of my post, but I’m not going to do that anymore because I can only choose one picture for both languages. So when you are reading it in dutch, you still have the picture with the english title.

I got this idea mostly from She also got this plugin and it looked so nice!

If you were wondering what the name of the plugin is: Qtranslate x

What do you think of my new update?

Love, Joy