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Review ~ Zebra Mildliners

Review ~ Zebra Mildliners

For such a long time I have seen the Zebra Mildliners taking over instagram. I wanted them for so long, but something was holding me back.

You can’t order them on dutch websites and I have find it a bit scary to order something from across the broad. I had one time when I ordered a sweater and I had to pay so much import duties that I never did that again.
But some weeks ago, I saw a discount code from @Peachystudy and I decided to just order it and to see how it goes!
Last week, my order finally came in the mail and I want to show you what kind of beauties these markers are!

I ordered from

review zebra mildliners

review zebra mildliners    .

The price I payed

I payed $12.60/€11.85 total with the discount.
So in the end, I didn’t had to pay import duties what makes me really happy!
You don’t have to pay extra when the total price (with shipping costs) is under €21. (This is in NL, It can be different in other countries.)
This is an amazing price with the discount in my opinion.

review zebra mildliners

review zebra mildliners

The product

First of all, you can choose between three different colour palette’s; Pastel, Warm and Cool. I chose for Cool because it all had colours I love.

In this palette you get five colours, there’s green, blue, grey, purple and a pink/red one. The pink/red and blue one are already mijn favorites!
The pens are double sided, with a bold tip for marking and a fine tip for writing.
You can see that the colour looks different on the tip of the marker than what you get on paper. On the tip the colour is more bright, but you really get a nice mild colour when used!
The material of the marker is very nice. It’s all made from plastic and it feels very stable and high-end in your hands.

review zebra mildliners

What am I going to use them for?

I am intending to use these pens in my journal (ofcourse) for writing and maybe some drawing.
Like when I still was at school, it loved it to write all my notes down. Now I don’t need to do that anymore ofcourse, but I still like to make lists. Lists for todo’s, movies to watch, books to read, and so on. These pens will definitely make my notes and lists more beautiful. 

Do you have these beautiful mildliners and do you like them?

Much love, Joy

Birthday Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Birthday Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Yesterday I turned 21! Finally a grown up they say, but not for me. I think it’s important to never lose the child inside of you! Play, be crazy and live your life like you want to do, because being a grown up is just boring, right?

Because of turning 21 winters, summers and everything old, I’m hosting a giveaway for you guys! You may have already seen this coming up my Instagram, but if you haven’t:

(Note: You can only attent this giveaway by Instagram)


What you can win:

1. Paperblanks mini journal
I got many lovely messages about my new journal, so now you can win your own!

2.Stabilo Boss highlighter in pastel pink
A lovely one, secretly wished I could have him for myself haha

3.Ecoline Brush pen
I have one of these, and have used it on my trip to Austria. I loved it so much! It has a very deep and beautiful colour but doesn’t bleed through the paper in this journal, perfect, right?

4.Some washi tapes
To decorate your pages 🙂


What you need to do to get a chance of winning:

1.Live inside the EU. I’m sorry I really want to do a international giveaway someday!
2.Follow me on IG @JOURNALBYJOY
3. Like my picture
4. Tag your bestie in the comments!

That’s it! 


This giveaway will end on the 16th of February.



Good luck everyone, and as always;
Much love, Joy


Gisteren ben ik 21 jaar oud geworden! Eindelijk volwassen zeggen ze, maar niet voor mij. Ik vind het belangrijk dat je nooit het kind in jezelf verliest. Doe gek, speel en leef je leven zoals jij het wilt! Volwassen zijn is toch maar saai.

Omdat ik 21 winters, zomers en alles ben geworden, organiseer ik een winactie voor jullie! Misschien heb je dit al op mijn instagram langs zien komen, zo niet, hier wat je kan winnen en wat je moet doen om te winnen:


(Je kan op instagram meedoen aan deze winactie)

Wat je kan winnen:

1.Paperblanks mini notitieboek
Ik heb veel hele leuke berichtjes gekregen over deze journal en nu kan je ook je eigen winnen!

2.Stabilo Boss highlighter in pastel rose
Ik zou hem bijna willen houden, zo mooi vind ik hem!

3.Ecoline Brush pen
Ik heb al één van deze, en had hem ook gebruikt op wintersport. Ik vind hem echt geweldig! Hij heeft een hele diepe kleur, maar drukt niet door in het notitieboekje dat je hier kan winnen.

4.Een paar washi tapes
Om je pagina’s te decoreren 🙂

Wat je moet doen om te kunnen winnen:

1.Binnen de EU wonen.
2.Mij volgen op Instagram @JOURNALBYJOY
3.De foto van de winactie leuk vinden
4. Je bestie taggen in de comments!


Dat is alles!



Deze giveaway loopt t/m 16 Februari.


Heel veel succes en zoals altijd;
Veel liefs, Joy