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April writing prompts

April writing prompts


April is right around the corner (it has already started when you read this) with hopefully lots of beautiful spring days to come.
Maybe you can already see it, here you can find a link to a printable I made.
This is something I’ve done some months and I really liked it doing it! Now I wanted to make one myself and ofcourse share it with you guys!

So have you always wanted to do more with pen and paper but have no idea what to write about or where to begin, this will help you get some inspiration to get through the writers block for journalers!

What you’ll need

A notebook, a pen (or several kinds of pens, markers, pencils and go on) and this printable.

Ofcourse I’m going to use this in April. I don’t think I’m going to write them in my normal journal, but in a A4 notebook.
And I would really love it to see you using it! So please do share it with my in your story on Instagram or just in a post. Mention me, You would make me really happy!

I hope April has much planned for you, nice moments to look back to and that there would be many good days❤


Do you like the printable?


Much love,


APRIL writing prompts

Download me here!